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Daman Polythread Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of High Tenacity (HT) Polypropylene Multifilament Yarn and Narrow Woven Fabrics / Webbings. Our state-of-the-art (European) technology and advanced machinery has facilitated superior manufacturing which in-turn has enabled us to cater to the multiple requirements of our international & domestic clients alike.

Polypropylene Yarn

Threadlon' is a popular brand name of the PPMF Yarns manufactured by Daman Polythread LTD. These high tenacity PPMF Yarns are used for a multitude of purposes including and not limited to Woven Geo Textiles, Narrow Woven Fabric or Webbing, Industrial & Filter Fabrics, Sewing Thread for PP woven Sack Manufacturing, Braded Cords, PP Mats, Fishing, Bag closing of Flour Mills, Sugar, Rice, Fertilizers, Wheat, Ropes and Cordages, and Construction Nets.

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Narrow Woven Fabric

'TUFF' and 'DPL' are the brand names for PP Webbing or Narrow Woven Fabrics manufactured by Daman Polythread LTD. High in strength, longevity, and durability; these fabrics are manufactured from virgin material. Daman Polythread Ltd manufactures its own PPMF yarns and threads. These PPMF yarns and threads are then closely woven together to from Narrow Woven Fabrics. This gives us an edge to manufacture supreme quality Narrow Woven Fabric and PP Webbing.

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Bag Closing Thread

The PPMF Yarns marketed under the brand name 'Threadlon' are further processed to form high strength Industrial Bag Closing thread. The Polypropylene Bag Closing Threads are used in industries such as Sugar, Fertilizers, Grains, and Flour Mills. The Polypropylene Stitching Threads are bright and vibrant in color as they are prepared from the dope dying process. The color of these Bag Closing Threads does not fade and these threads are available in 50 different types of colors.

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